Tecsun PL-310ET Full Band Radio Digital Demodulator FM/AM/SW/LW Stereo Radio tecsun pl-310et English Russian user manual

Tecsun PL-310ET Full Band Radio Digital Demodulator FM/AM/SW/LW Stereo Radio tecsun pl-310et English Russian user manual

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    TECSUN PL-310ET Black FM Stereo/SW/MW/LW World Band PLL DSP Radio


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          TECSUN PL-310ET is the upgraded version of PL-310.It has ETM function.ETM is a tuning method which has been designed by Tecsun. ETM makes it possible to automatically scan for new stations and temporarily store them within the ETM Memory, therefore not overwriting any existing stations in the radio's memory. This is especially useful when traveling outside your usual place of radio usage.

     TECSUN PL-310ET DSP (digital signal processing) FM Stereo/LW/SW/MW World Band Radio Receiver. This radio is using DSP si4734 Use the integrated circuits and components, well-designed and manufactured for the majority of radio enthusiasts.

Product Description
Plug Specifications 3 x AA batteries(R6)(not included)
Power Supply USB 5V DC
Certification CCC
1.Frequency range  FM :64 - 108 MHz ;    LW: 153 - 513 kHz;     MW: 520 - 1710 kHz;     SW: 2300 - 21950 kHz;
FM (S/N=30db):Less than 3 uV                                            MW(S/N=26dB):Less than 1mV/m
LW (S/N=26db) :Less than 10mV /m                                    SW(S/N=26dB):Less than 20uV
FM:>60dB (±150KHz)                                                           MW:>60dB (BW=3kHz,±9KHz)
LM:>60dB (BW=3kHz,±9kHz)                                              S W:>60dB (BW=3kHz,±5kHz)

4.FM Stereo crosstalk:Less than 35 dB

5.Output(Distortion 10%):180mW
Dimensions & Weight
Dimensions ( 5.6 x 3.4 x 1.2 inch )14.1 x 8.7 x 3 cm    (16cm-Strap; 51cm-Antenna. )
Weight about 6.7 oz(187g) without battery installed
Packing List

1 x Radio

1 x Special bag

1 x Stereo Earphones (3.5mm, 114cm)

1 x Chinese user manual

1 x English user manual 













Friendly reminder:

And the direct frequency entry, you can easy to turn into a station that you know the band frequency. Or you can use the ATS (Auto Tuning Storage) functions on FM / MW / LW & SW bands, all the available stations will be stored in the memory automatically.

The alarm functions that you can wake by buzzer or to your favorite radio station. And the temperature function can be selected as Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F).










  • FM : 87 ~ 108MHz (Russia 64 ~ 108MHz, Japan 76 ~ 108MHz, USA 87.5 ~ 108MHz)
  • MW : 522 ~ 1620kHz (USA 520 ~ 1710kHz) with 9kHz / 10kHz tuning step selectable
  • LW : 153KHz to 513KHz
  • SW : 2300KHz to 21950KHz.
  • With DSP 4734 Micro-chip - High Sensitivity & Selectivity
  • Noise Limit sensitivity: FM band < 3uV @30dB, MW band <1mV/m @26dB, LW band <10mV/m @26dB, SW band < 18uV @ 26dB.
  • AM IF bandwidth : 1, 2, 3, 4, 6kHz.
  • LCD Display Screen
  • Six tuning mode selectable: 1) Jog dial manual tuning 2) Auto scan tuning for FM, MW, LW & SW 3) Pre-setting manual scan tuning 4) Memory pre-setting auto scan tuning 5) Memory pre-setting address direct entry tuning 6) Frequency direct entry tuning
  • Auto Tuning Storage function (ATS) for FM, MW , LW & SW band.
  • 500 Preset Memories (100 memories for each MW / FM and LW, 200 memories for SW)
  • Multi-functions Digital Display for Frequency, Signal Strength, S/N ratio, Clock & Alarm, Temperature (°C or °F) & Battery Consumption.
  • Digital clock function with 12/24 Hour Format
  • Alarm by radio or "buzz", and with the automatically alarm stopper within 1 - 90 minutes
  • Highly intelligent On / Off switch : allow to set the sleep timer from 1 - 120 minutes, or turn the power on / off directly
  • FM Mono & Stereo
  • Light & Snooze function 5 minutes, repeated three times
  • Key lock function
  • Volume Knob with maximum 30 sound levels
  • Vertical Back Stand
  • Built In DC 5V USB jack, Earphone Jack, FM & SW Antenna Jack
  • Built-in Charging System to charge the Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • Power supply : USB 5V/250mA external adaptor (not included) / 3pcs AA size batteries
  • Unit size 141 x 87 x 30 mm (L x H x W)
  • Net Weight :187g