Earphones QKZ DM7 Special Edition Gold Plated Housing Headset Noise Isolating HD HiFi Earphone auriculares fone de ouvido

Earphones QKZ DM7 Special Edition Gold Plated Housing Headset Noise Isolating HD HiFi Earphone auriculares fone de ouvido

Price: US $29.99 / piece

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KZ - ED2 adopts double magnetic pronunciation unit 7 mm, the pronunciation of the original prototype structure and ie800 unit is the same, convex leading tone and baffle type more exactly the leading tone (leading note) structure design. Highlight is using the same supplier in same diaphragm of diaphragm. Frequency response range is set to 6-31 KHZ, cooperate with professional equipment can easily catch more at the bottom of the bass accordingly. We tune style is different from IE800, no more than the somebody else\'s dental, transverse not as good as the original, because we positioning is not completely listen to symphony, longitudinal acoustic field so good in the original. The expressive force of knot like vocals, instrumental music.

Inspection report to professional organization test curve:

A lot of friends at the sight of the first cavity design of ED2 stunned, top gold plating process. General ordinary headset cavity is chrome plating, nickel plating, etc. But if you want to do is clean, the choice of the cavity is very important. So can\'t, gold-plated.


KZ - ED2 with four groups of LC - OFC Japan imported fever wire, wire signal conduction rate less than the ancient river line. And a professional headphones are 4 balance plug design.


KZ-ED2 is extremely sensitive to dynamic response ability of expression and details the built-in magnetic double pronunciation unit 7 mm high sensitivity, as long as not particularly bad equipment can be very easy to drive out the voice of the excellent performance.


KZ - ED2 quality performance style is more active, triple frequency transient cohesion is very smooth, very clear in the low frequency separation degree, vocals, and can match in excellence the analytical ability of moving iron is a bright spot.

In aggregate, KZ - ED2 is a can take care of a lot of music style headphones, good at pop vocal and instrumental music.

We dare to pronounced: the same price, the same configuration, same quality, on earth, you absolutely can not find out the second brand can do KZ - ED2 such products.

KZ - ED2 about mark is different from conventional headphones, blue for the left red right, please note.