Crystal Castle 5A 1440Pcs SS10 2.7-2.9mm Clear White Iron On Crystal Hotfix Strass Flatback Rhinestone Hot Fix For Clothing

Crystal Castle 5A 1440Pcs SS10 2.7-2.9mm Clear White Iron On Crystal Hotfix Strass Flatback Rhinestone Hot Fix For Clothing

Price: US $6.80 / piece
Discount Price: US $6.46 / piece

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Top Grade AAAAA Luxury SS10 2.7-2.9mm Crystal Clear White Flatback Grey Glue Strass Nail Art Rhinestone Hot Fix For Women Dress 




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3. Our rhinestone is popular and used on dress| evening dress| wedding dress| party dressess| Women Dress| Bridal Dress| Woman Shoes| Bridal Shoes| Evening Bags| Party Bags| Rhinestone Belt| Sunglasses| Hair accessories| Leggings and any other place you want to decorate

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Crystal Castle 1: Rhinestones Hot Fix Shows


Color: Clear Crystal Only

(For other color please order in other link. Different color price different)

Size: ss10/ 2.7mm to 2.9mm

(For other size, please order in other link. Different size price different.)

Qty: 1440pcs/bag


All photo is real picture taken by our normal cameral without special beautified.

All photo is taken under light.



Crystal hotfixSS20 Hotfix Rhinestone2Hot fix crystals



Crystal Castle2.:  If need other size on crystal and crystal ab, please click following Link.  

Different size price different.



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Crystal Castle 3: Hotfix SS20 Size Color Link


Different color price different, please note following and order the right link.


Price 1: 


Price 2:


Price 3:


Price 4


Price 5:


Price 6:



Price 7: each one price different



Upgrade Raluxy Hotfix


Crystal Castle 4: Hot fix Rhinestone Other Size Link


Hotfix ss3Hotfix ss4Hotfix ss5Hotfix ss6Hotfix ss8Hotfix ss10Hotfix ss12Hotfix ss16Hotfix ss20Hotfix ss30Hotfix ss34Hotfix ss40


Crystal Castle 5: ANSWER & QUESTION


Crystal Castle 6: Rhinestone Hot Fix Information


No.1: Products Information: Round,Flat Back, Grey Blue, Our Own New Cutting Face. 


No.2: Quality: Grade AAAAA Top Luxury Quality with Our Own Cutting Techonology.


No.3: Size and color available: 

  • Crystal color has ss3,ss4,ss5,ss6,ss8,ss10,ss12,ss16,ss20,ss30,ss34,ss40 with stock and can send in 3 days.
  • Size ss6, ss10, ss16, ss20,ss30 has most color in stock.
  • Other color and size need order and produced


No. 4: Other Hotfix we offer: Swa Crystals, Preciaso Crystal, Afour Almass, Real Korean DMC, China MC Hotfix, Korean Hotfix, China Korean Hotfix. 


No.5: Used On: Fashion Jewelry, Garment, Bags, Hats, Furniture, Curtain, Woman Shoes, Dancing wears, Bridal Dress, Evening Dress,  etc.


NO.6: Packing: Small bag by paper bag and big bag by poly bag.

  • Note1 : we are factory and produce goods and packing as customers want with wholesale order. So retail sale Paper bag design will change sometimes according to the stock. 


No. 7 Wholesale Price:

  • We are factory and if you can order20bags each color with several color, we can offer you much cheaper wholesale price.  
  • We are searching for distributor. If you are interesting to sell our stone in your area, welcome to contact with our company by email. We can cooperate further.



Crystal Castle 7: Hot fix Rhinestone Size Information


Size Diameter/ MM Small Packing Big Packing
SS3  1.3-1.4 1440PCS = 10GROSS  2000GROSS 
SS4  1.5-1.6 1440PCS = 10GROSS 2000GROSS 
SS5  1.7-1.8

1440PCS = 10GROSSS 

SS6  1.9-2.0 1440PCS = 10GROSS  1000GROSS
SS8  2.3-2.4 1440PCS = 10GROSS 800GROSS 
SS10  2.7-2.9 1440PCS = 10GROSS  500GROSS 
SS12  3.0-3.2 1440PCS = 10GROSS 300GROSS 
SS16  3.8-4.0 1440PCS = 10GROSS 200GROSS 
SS20  4.6-4.8 1440PCS = 10GROSS 100GROSS 
SS30  6.3-6.5 288PCS = 2GROSS 50GROSS 
SS34  7.05-7.3 288PCS = 2GROSS 30GROSS 
SS40  8.2-8.6 288PCS = 2GROSS 25GROSS 

Remark: SS3,4,5,8,12,34,40 only has crystal color and crystal AB in stock, other color need order and production.

             SS6,10,16,20,30 has more color in stock.


Crystal Castle 8: Rhinestone Hot Fix Color Chart




Crystal Castle 9: Hotfix Rhinestone Hot Fix Packing


Recent Packing



Crystal Castle 10: Rhinestone Hot Fix Work Shows





Crystal Castle 11: How to Hot Fix/ DIY Process



Crystal Castle 12: DIY Tools To Hot Fix



Crystal Castle 13: Other Item We Produce



Crystal Castle 14: About Us



   Crystal Castle Industrial Co., Ltd is a company who is specialized in rhinestone products, including rhinestone hot fix, fancy stone, sew on, rhinestone mesh, cup chain, and other all rhinestone products and relevant products. We have our own factory and sales who export a large of stones around world. We can offer you different quality with best competitive price according to your market. If you has a bulk order, your inquiry is welcome always.