Meike MK-910 MK910 TTL 1/8000s HSS Sync Master & Slave flash speedlite for Nikon SB-910 SB-900 D7100 D800 D5500 D750 DSLR camera

Meike MK-910 MK910 TTL 1/8000s HSS Sync Master & Slave flash speedlite for Nikon SB-910 SB-900 D7100 D800 D5500 D750 DSLR camera

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Meike MK-910 Flash Speedlight  for Nikon 

Products Instructions:

The MK910 is a high-performance CLS-compatible speedlight with a large guide number of 60(ISO 100/M)(111.5/157.5 ft.)(at the 35mm zoom position in Nikon FX format with standard illumination pattern,20°C/68°F.)

-Combined with CLS-compatible camera, the MK910 can easily perform various types of flash operations, such as I-TTL auto flash and wireless multiple flash.
-Three types of illumination patterns(standard, center-weighted and even) are available to match different shooting preferences.
-Power zoom function automatically adjusts the zoom position to match the lens focal length from 18mm to 180mm. When the built-in wide-flash adapter is used or the diffusion dome is attached, the zoom position is automatically set to match a wide angle lens with much shorter focal length.
-Bounce flash or close-up flash photography can be easily performed.
-Custom functions are provided to allow for various setting.
-I-TTL mode 
Monitor pre-flashes are fired at all times. The subject is correctly exposed by the light from the flash lighting and the exposure is less affected by ambient light. 
-Auto FP High-Speed Sync
High-Speed flash synchronization at a compatible camera's highest shutter speed is possible.This is useful when you want to use a wider aperture to achieve shallow depth of field to blur the background.
-FV Lock(Flash Value Lock)
Flash Value,or"FV",is the amount of flash exposure for the subject.Using FV Lock with compatible cameras,you can lock in the appropriate flash exposure for the main subject.This flash exposure is locked in,even if you change the aperture or composition,or zoom the lens in and out.
-Advanced wireless lighting 
With advanced wireless lighting, wireless multiple flash operation in the TTL (i-TTL)mode can be accomplished with CLS-compatible digital SLRs. In this mode, you can divide the remote flash units into three groups and control the flash output independently for each group, expanding your range of creat1ve multiple-flash shooting techniques. 
-AF-assist illuminator
In autofocus operation, the MK910 emits AF-Assist illumination, which matches the wider AF area of CLS-compatible cameras. With cameras supporting this function, autofocus photography in dim lighting is possible even when the camera’s focus point (focus area) is changed.
Package Included: 
1 x Meike MK-910 for Nikon
1 x Flash DIffuser(Yellow or White)
1 x Flash stand
1 x Protection bag
1 x User manual 
Suitable for: 
for all Nikon F mount cameras