is a free marketing service which offers its customers the opportunity to recover some of the money spent on purchases via the Internet.

You get an extra discount in the form of cash-back by signing up for this service and by making the purchase subject to the terms of business on the site of, a partner of service is a marketing platform for the site of, selling products and services via e-commerce. This platform allows an additional flow of customers to the sites of its partners and receives remunerations for committed purchases. A portion of the service fee is transmitted to customers’ cash-back account. in no way substitutes the seller nor acts as the seller's representative, it has no effect on the pricing policy of its partners and does not control the conditions of the participation of its partners.

The services of are paid beyond the period when the goods can be exchanged or returned and after receiving the service fee from the seller. is not responsible for the quality of the purchased goods and services on the websites of its partners. is not responsible for the delivery of the goods and services ordered at the partner sites, for price modifications or terms of the participation of the partners. It will not accept any trademark claims and in no circumstances is involved in trade relations between the buyer and the seller. Service does not collect, handle, store nor transmit the personal data of users to any third parties.

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